Tuesday 18 June 2019

Saturday 15 June 2019

Theatre Sports ...

We were recently off on our annual anniversary getaway. It is something we’ve made an effort to do every year since our kids were little. Then it was a much needed respite. Today we are retired but we still have everyday life obligations at home so the intent of the annual event hasn’t changed. It was, and still is, a time for us to focus on each other without day to day life getting in the way. 

The amount of luggage we had with us this year was truly embarrassing … I always overpack as I pack for ‘possibilities and choice’ not for what I need to wear each day. Add to that, sex is a very important part of our annual excursion so that has to be taken into consideration as well. We have a ‘toy bag’ - our collection has grown over the years so it now requires a small rolling suitcase. Also, appropriate sexy clothing and lingerie is a must. There was also another consideration for this years packing … role play … 

We have always had lingerie and cosplay type attire in our sex life. Frank, like most men, is a visual creature … when it comes to sex, he, more often than not, likes to see me attired according to his whim of the moment. Role play isn’t something I’ve been comfortable with in the past as acting has never been my forte. Dressing up I can do … acting a part … not so much. However, with a little help from reading other blogs in the blogging community, Frank was able to convince me to give it a try and whaddaya know … it soon became evident Frank was more than capable of carrying the acting load and I just had to be present and accounted for to make the appropriate responses to his lead … and turns out … that I could do ...  lol! 

In the lead up to our getaway, the role play situation got to the point where I was tempted to suggest to Frank that we not have any sex during the couple of weeks prior to our departure … the cast of characters he was bringing into the picture seemed to grow with every episode and the stage was starting to get a little crowded :>)). Although he certainly turned out to be a great casting director, I’d never call him a script writer. Frank’s approach to role play is more like theatre sports.  Even in our non role play scene activities, I don’t think he plans much. When I asked him once before, after a particularly spectacular session, if it was a planned scene … his response was .... “did you have a good time” … to which I responded … “hell yes!” … and he finished with … “well then, that’s all that matters” … discussion closed ...

All of which means our designated overarching roles in this new role play adventure has him as the casting director/lead actor and me as the costume and prop designer and supporting cast :>)). 

So yes, I also needed to plan and pack for all the potential role play parts … yet another suitcase. We only had 5 nights away so I was pretty sure not all characters would make it onto the stage but again … with no firm plan I had to plan for all … which included … 

  • Pepper … age undetermined but a youngish preppy girl
  • The Professor … stern taskmaster
  • Dr C … kinky physician
  • Nurse Betty - Dr C’s assistant (I’ve told Frank he needs to come up with a new name. I have an Aunt Betty so just saying the name does me in - not helpful when trying to get into character :>)) 
  • The Store Detective and his thievery counterpart, Rosie, the underwear shoplifter … one really does have to give the man props for ingenuity!

Yes, the luggage situation was a bit ridiculous :>))

I am sure some of you would love me to spill details of how our role play episodes unfolded but I will save those tales for another day. I can say that I, Nora, was also along for the ride with the rest of the cast so I also packed a special new outfit for ‘me’ … pleather, high waisted leggings topped with my red and black corset … my newly blonde streaked long hair worn down. This is how I dressed for our first evening in … and our last. Turns out it was Frank’s favourite outfit of the vacation …  and when he said with a dark appreciative look and a small smile as I came out of the bedroom … “You feel sexy, don’t you?”, he was right. I did feel attractive ... and comfortable in my own skin ... and how we interacted with one another when I was me and he was him, emphasized to me, that although role play is a fun activity to put a little sizzle in our adventures, when we’re ourselves, Dominant man and submissive woman, is when all the best play begins and ends.

.... thanks for dropping by ... nj