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AOS is something I know I suffered when I first arrived in the TTWD Blogland world in early 2018 ... the cause of the affliction?.... acronyms abound! 

In addition, there are several, sometimes serious and sometimes fun, ttwd related phrases coined by our clever bloggers, which end up being referred to or re-used by other bloggers in subsequent posts. If you aren't familiar with the originating posts, you may wonder what these phrases mean. I've included some of those here as well.

I eventually figured it all out but since I am sure new people arrive in this world every day, I thought it might be fun and interesting to have a place to look up ttwd related acronyms, abbreviations and idioms. Where further definition, or definition attribution is needed, links are provided. 

 ... so here's what I know. If you have something to add, or think I've missed the mark on a definition, please add a comment at the bottom of the page and I will provide an update ... 


  • Always BKind ... an expression from Katie, This Whole Thing, which resonated with me and is a self reminding phrase I try to adhere to

  • Acronym Overload Syndrome ... 😉😊


  • an umbrella term encompassing a variety of erotic sexual activities and behaviours between consenting adults - emphasis on consenting.  
  • Within BDSM there are several subcategories including bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, and sadism & masochism. 
  • Specifically the letters of the acronym stand for:
    • B = Bondage
    • D = Dominance / Discipline
    • S = Submission, Sadism
    • M = Masochism



  • Domestic Discipline (definition as written by the late Mr BB Spanker, author of the blog A Domestic Discipline Society) ... I am sure there are a multitude of explanations to be found but this is the one that resonated with me:
    • Domestic Discipline is the consensual practice of a subtle Dominant and submissive type of lifestyle, with the emphasis on the relationship first. Then and only then, are spanking as disciplinary actions or any type of punitive ideas discussed. The Dominant partner is known as the Head of Household (HOH). The submissive partner is Taken in Hand (TIH). When implemented ideally, DD is the caring, consensual, consistently fair use of structure, accountability and discipline as a positive way to enhance communication, deepen intimacy and reinforce relationship commitment. The discipline normally includes one of many styles of  disciplinary actions or measures, but first centres around rules of behaviour asked for by one partner and agreed to by the other.
  • Dominance/submission: 
    • Relationships or role play involving an erotic power exchange.
    • A set of behaviours, customs and rituals involving the submission of one person (the submissive) to another (the Dominant). 
    • Most often written in the capital/lower case combination to emphasize the power exchange dynamic. 




GG Spanking
  • Good Girl Spanking - a self explanatory description of a spanking type - see S-Spanking Types for a list of various types of spankings


  • Head oHousehold - the Dominant partner in a DD relationship
Hotel Sex
  • is a phrase we've used for many years .... ahha, hotel sex, wink, wink, was often a response we'd get when we told someone we were heading away to a hotel for a couple of days. I think Amy (of Eric51Amy49) also referred to it in a comment on one of my blog posts, as "getting to dress and parade around a place you don't live, followed by hot sex" ... and I would add ... "where you can get away from the everyday noise of life and pretend you are someone else ... no one knows you so who cares what you do".



JFF Spanking
  • Just For Fun - a self explanatory description of a spanking type - see S-Spanking Types for a list of various types of spankings



Lizard Brain
  • A concept explained in TTWD terms by Sam, the hubby of Ella of Ella Ever After in this post. The concept is based on the idea that we have an inexplicable tribal remembrance/instinct deep down inside of our being that comes to the surface on occasion
Leaning In / Lean In



  • Over The {fill in the blank} - used to describe various spanking positions ... OTK (over the knee), OTL (over the lap), OTB (over the bed) ... the variations could be endless! 😉😊




    Rocky Road
    • A tongue in cheek blog post that refers to the various flavours of TTWD as ice cream types from Rocky Road to French Vanilla. See Windy's post in When the Storm Whispers to the Wind


    Spanking Types
    • There are a wide variety of spanking types referred to in blogs and reference information. The types listed here are fairly self explanatory, although the use and interpretation of when and how they are used seems to vary. Suffice to say, partners in each relationship will decide what works for them ...
      • Discipline
      • Punishment
      • Erotic
      • Maintenance
      • Reminder
      • Reset
      • Stress Relief
      • Just for Fun
      • Good Girl/Boy
      • Slappy Backhander 😊


    3 (Three) C's

    • Taken iHand - the submissive partner in a DD relationship

    • This Thing WDo - although an internet search will find differing definitions for this term, I interpret it as an umbrella type description of the various dynamics found with the DD/BDSM/Spanking community. Each relationship has it's own unique dynamic or combination of dynamics which overall can be referred to as 'this thing we do'







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