Monday, 31 December 2018

A New Year ...

 ... those fuzzy days between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve have drifted by yet again - I tend to 'crash' once Christmas Day comes and goes and this year was no exception. However, all of a sudden I realized I really should be putting up a post to close out what I think I can say is one of the most memorable years of our life ... that being the discovery of DD (again I scratch my head as to how I was oblivious to 'this' for so many years, given we dabbled in BDSM for nearly 20 years); and the wonderful world of ttwd blogland including all of you out there, who live this life and support each other and the newbies, such as my friend Windy and I.

... this will be a first for me ... an off the cuff, spur of the moment post ... I am usually very methodical about crafting a post ... the usual process being several draft versions reviewed over at least a couple of days before sending it off into Blogworld. Today being New Years Eve, I don't have time for that, so you are being exposed to the free wheeling thinking, and writing Nora Jean ... :>))

I'm a bit bittersweet about it being the end of the year. In an over his lap spanking this morning, my man decided it was a good time to talk about how I was feeling about the pending new year ... Haha! .. trust me, the discussion parts for me, came before and after the spanking - he's got quite the hand on him now ... and I am a wimp - not a fearless spanko like many of you out there ... unless there is something sexy and kinky going on during the spanking. Hence my discussion points at the time of the spanking were 'owowowow!!' ...  he was the only one making any sense 'during' :>)) 

I 'fessed up that I was feeling a bit blue ... kinda sad but not really depressed. The last two years have been exciting beyond anything I ever expected at this age of my life (2017 was my discovery of erotic romance novels which in turn, rekindled our sex life big time, followed by the early 2018 DD/ttwd discoveries). Life, including our ttwd version, has become more 'normalized' in the past few months and as a result I told Frank I wasn't sure we would ever be able to capture that kind of excitement again ... and in retrospect, that was what was making me feel sad. 

However having said that, Jan/Feb have always been 'change months' for me ... all life's big turnabouts and new directions always seem to happen then ... sometimes planned, sometimes not ... so maybe there is something new and wonderful just around the corner that I don't know about ... or as Frank suggested in response ... maybe we can find to find something kinky and new in the BDSM department to try out ... as Windy would say ... maybe it's look out Rocky Road, here we come! ... LOL!

I do know of one exciting January event I am looking forward to. As many of you do, I have a few 'behind the blog' friendships with fellow bloggers. Due to chance and proximity, I will be meeting up with one of those bloggers in person in mid January ... soooo exciting! ... it's kinda like being in an online dating relationship for a year and then finally getting to meet each other! 

I can't let 2018 go without saying some good-byes ... whether those good-byes are heard or not. I realize, having been a blogger for nearly 8 years in the vanilla world, that bloggers come and go ... and the going sometimes happens without warning, because that's what I did ... my last vanilla post was Jan 2016 - I haven't been able to get myself back to it.  

So following this thought ... I miss Abby (finally finding me) - she dropped out of Blogland in early July ... and Jan (An English Rose) ... who followed with her departure in early fall, completely shutting down her blog. I only hope their departures were due to new and exciting life adventures and not due to health or other life issues. I appreciate Abby leaving her blog up as I do read 'back' in her blog now and again ... she was 8-10 yrs in the ttwd life before she started blogging! ... and she blogged for 8 years! - amazing when you think about it ... and Jan ... although not posting much in the year I've been here, she was always there with supporting comments for everyone!

... Good-bye Abby and Jan ... 
may your 2019's be all you wish them to be! ...

Frank and I aren't big on New Years resolutions ... many more of those have been broken than kept over the years.  However, we have agreed to work together to stay on track with maintaining and enhancing our ttwd relationship, including me keeping up with this blog. We will also continue to do what we can to stay healthy as life's timeline is now working against us so it has become an important focus.

We hope all of you have your hopes and dreams, including health and happiness, realized in the coming 2019. 

Happy New Year! ... nj & Frank ... xx

Friday, 21 December 2018

We Wish You a Merry Christmas ...

... so sorry ... I started the promised Part II of the last post several weeks ago but then got lost in the run up to Christmas and didn't get back to it. Let's call it done and gone for now and I will catch everyone up in the new year. 

It has been a whirlwind around here ... literally ... our usual November storm season waited a month to arrive. For the past two weeks we have seen wave after wave of rainy windstorms (some with 60-90 km winds) blow through - causing three power outages in the last ten days, the last one resulting in a rescheduling of the youngest munchkin's Christmas Concert and the postponement of several of the power requiring items on the Christmas to-do list.

To add to the fun, again the youngest, brought his best germy cold home to Gram and Grampa's ten days ago. We were initially thankful we only got a mild version of it. However, by the Sunday of last weekend, Frank's version had turned into a nasty hacking cough. For four days running he coughed constantly ... resulting in not much sleep for either of us and sadly he missed all the kids' Christmas concerts. And because he hasn't been well, there has been no spanky time or sexy time for several days. 

So here we are today ... four days to Christmas. By this morning, Frank was still coughing here and there but generally he was feeling a bit better. 

I was at the dining table, contemplating the pre Christmas chores of the day when Frank sat down beside me. I'm not a Grinchy Christmas hater but I have to admit I no longer look forward to the season like I once did.  I wasn't exactly in an enthusiastic mood ... 

"How are you doing?" ... he asked sitting sideways in the chair ... 

See sad faced me ... "Okaaay"

He swung my chair around to face him, pulling it and me in between his legs ... 

"Yeah???" ... his eyes searching my face ... "What's wrong, Babe? ... talk to me ... "

"Sigh!! ... I miss you when you're sick ... when you are, you're not yourself"

"Well I'm feeling better now ... what's up?"

I shrug ... "I don't know ... you know Christmas isn't my favourite time of year ..."

"Remind me again ... why is that?"

"I feel like sometime around the end of November, a to-do list starts that never ends until Christmas arrives ... I'm just tired"

He puts his hands on my cheeks, coming in for a kiss ... then sits back ... 

"Well I can fix that ... " 

... he reaches out and pulls me from my chair, heading toward the bedroom which is next to the kitchen, pushing me ahead of him. 

I am protesting, knowing exactly what he's got in mind, not sure that is the answer right now ... 

"Nooo, I don't feel like it" ... 

"Nope ... come on ... pants down" ... he settles on the bed, pulling a pillow toward him on the other side of his legs. I push my yoga pants down.

"All the way" he says, "to your ankles" ...

"Over you go" ... toppling me over his lap ... 

He's stroking my bum when, with a smile in his voice, he says ... "I think we need Rudolph Red ... what do you think?"

"Whaat!?" I protest again ... but he starts in on my bum with stinging hand spanks ... 

... and then he starts singing ... his spanks keeping time to the words (he has a good voice ... thank goodness!) 

... the spanky translation of his singing is ... 

Spank spank spanky spanky spank spank
Spank spank spanky spanky spank spank
Spank spank spanky spanky spank spank
Spanky spank spank spank spank!

No Rudolph Red was achieved but his sense of humour and silliness won me over ... hugs and kisses followed and I immediately felt better ... 

Only four more days to go 'til Christmas ... I will get there as I always do :>)) and I am very happy to have Frank back to his normal self - helping me get there!

Frank and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!