Friday, 22 June 2018

Mowing the Lawn ...

.... trimming the bush ... waxing the cat ... shaving the kitty ... whatever you call it, I am surprised I haven't seen much more than a passing mention on this topic here in Blogland  ... I'm pretty sure I'm not the only TiH whose HoH has made demands regarding the state of her lawn ... (I'm going with the lawn mowing euphemism just 'cause I can make it work :>)). 

Pre ttwd, it was a 'request', one I tried to step up to whenever it seemed to matter ... usually not more than once every week or so and definitely not before any anticipated medical appointments, etc. I begged off doing it more often due to the nasty rash regular mowing seemed to bring on.

Post ttwd, the request became a demand ... the lawn should be kept to golf course standards ... not just regular golf course greens height but putting green smooth. This was so much of a concern to me I considered going to a professional lawn grooming company ... the one that uses the same methods I do weeding the garden ... pulling it out. However, that was nixed due to two concerns ... the first, not wanting to add yet another expense to the already expensive yard maintenance plan and the other relating to the fact we live in 'Small Town Everyone Knows Your Business' and the thought of being in the grocery line up behind the person who mowed my lawn yesterday, kinda put me off. 

Then good ol' Pinterest sent Nora Jean a 'suggested pin' ... it's hilarious some days, the things I get in a Pinterest feed ... and this was how the original pin was titled  .... 

Shaving it like a Stripper

Click here for 'Instructions'

I am now a convert ... an every second day 'shaving it like a stripper' convert ... 

If this is something you face as a 'request', a 'demand', a 'rule' or just a once in awhile for the fun of it type of thing, I highly recommend this approach ... click on the link below the photo for all the lawn mowing details :>)) ...

Thanks for dropping by! :>)) .... nj 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Gentle on My Mind ...

Yesterday was one of those days ... Frank was under the weather ... cold/cough ... I had the littlest little for the day and the other two before and after school. There was much to do and because Frank was ill, all of it was me working by myself or hanging with the children. 

Things had started to go sideways when, in the early morning hours of a sleepless night, I came across something online that bothered me. Throughout my day those niggly little thoughts ... er - mole hills ... starting pinging around my brain, morphing into mountains. By afternoon I couldn't get my brain to settle and the introspection showed. At one point Frank asked there was something wrong ... "No, I'm okay" was my response. And on (and on), I went.

Later in the evening, I was on our deck reading while Frank watched TV. I found myself several times reading the same page over and over. Even with the quiet of the rural evening and the offshore breeze wafting through our trees, I still couldn't wipe the pinging from my brain. Frank came to the door and caught me laid back in my chair looking at the sky. He tried again ...

... "Is there something bothering you, NJ" ... 

... "No, just thinking" ...

He didn't press. 

We both headed for bed at the same time. I skootched into Frank. 

'Roll over' ... he said. I did. 

Resting his hand on my bum ... "Now ... tell me what's bothering you" ... his tone indicating he wasn't taking 'nothing' for an answer.

I spilled the beans ... gathering those mountains and breaking them back down into mole hills ... 

I had a lot to say. He listened ... offering a bit of advice here and there ... and then the biggest nugget of them all ... "wait until the morning ... things may look different by then"

After a few minutes, I turned to him ... "Thank-you for that ... for not letting me get away with holding things in"

He replied, with a kiss ... "You don't have to thank me, however, we agreed when we started this, we would not keep things from each other. You needed to tell me sooner what was bothering you - like when I asked you the first time"

I had a good night's sleep ... and he was right ... the world had righted itself by this morning ... 

Thanks again for dropping by ... nj

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Weekend Report #2 ...

This is a long post that I've broken into two parts. I was going to do two posts but after the teaser I left at the end of Report #1, I thought I should just get on with it ... sheesh, it was only a weekend! ... 

Part One ....

Know When To Hold Them, Know When To Fold Them ... 

Part One is about the planned part of the weekend and the intended premier event ... that being Hot Hotel Sex. However, I'm not sure it was the most memorable ... I'm kinda going with Part Two ... you be the judge :>)

Card playing was a big part of our social life for many years. Frank has a big family, with several kids close together in ages, so there was always a big gang of kids at their house, be it siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends or just friends. On Friday or Sat night we would often play penny ante poker with his Mom and Dad and Grampa joining in. 

Once we had our own house, and then our own family, we and our friends would usually have a poker night at someone's house almost every Fri or Sat night. It was a cheap evening of entertainment ... toss all the kids in a room to hang out and the adults would play cards ... everyone had fun. In addition we also played Whist, Hearts, Rummy and such with other friends. We moved away from our card playing friends 10 yrs ago and I don't think we've ever had a poker night with our new friends here. 

When I was planning my surprise for our weekend away I decided to go with a gambling theme given the reunion was at a banquet facility associated with a casino. The idea was that it might be fun to have a poker night with Frank since we hadn't played in a long time. I bought several 'prizes' ... a few fun lingerie 'costumes', including a 
naughty school girl cosplay outfit, some 'toys', ... and ... wait for it ... a couple of 'implements' ;)). 

I wrapped everything up, attached a string to each with a coloured tag at the end indicating value (Frank is terrible to buy gifts for in that he almost always correctly guesses what is in a wrapped present so I was not allowing him to directly 'pick' his prizes). I packed everything in a gift bag and brought along a set of poker chips and a deck of cards.

After we got back to the hotel Friday evening, I told Frank we were having a 'blast from the past' poker night. I told him he could use his 'winnings' to buy prizes as we went along ... and/or we both could use winnings to buy the removal of articles of each other's clothing ... $100 an item, $200 if you wanted specify an item to be removed.

We played Dealers Choice poker and I was winning for the first 10 hands or so, staving off his buying power but then the tide turned. Within an hour he had big enough pile of chips to buy several prizes which he did by choosing a coloured tag and pulling the attached gift out of the bag. It was literally game over once the 'naughty school girl' outfit was unwrapped. Unfortunately no implements were selected (I did give them to him in bed the next morning) but the evening was a lot of fun and we marked up another memorable evening of very hot hotel sex. 

Part Two ... 

These Walls Have Ears ...

The reunion was the next night. I wish I could say it was also a memorable night but I can't. I knew only a handful of the attendees and even those folks I didn't know very well. They had a Tribute Wall for classmates who'd passed away in the intervening years. Frank was dismayed to find he knew nearly half of the deceased. He did connect with several people, being that most of the attendees were from his graduating year. This is the second reunion we've been to and I don't think we'll go to another ... all very nice people but we just didn't feel the connection.

We got back to the hotel and went for a drink before heading back to our room. Just going to bed was in the cards, knowing we had an early wake up and a travel day ahead of us. Frank dropped off right away but I couldn't get to sleep so I grabbed my iPad and book. About 15 mins later I heard voices in the hall ... a man and woman, talking, laughing, flirting. They carried on for a bit which woke Frank up.

Frank ... "What's going on?"

Me ... "It's just a couple outside our door, in the hallway, talking"

Sitting up, he says "They're not in the hallway, they're in the room next door" 

Heh?? ... how come I can hear them so clearly ... ohhh yeahhh ... we're in an adjoining room ... there's a big locked door between us. I listen carefully ... he's right, they are next door.

Frank lays back down and rolls over ... "go to sleep NJ", a smirk in his voice. The man knows me well .... I am a people watcher which used to also translate into an eavesdropper whenever we were in a public place like a restaurant (in my defence I am not nosy ... I am just insatiably curious ;)) 

Frank would say to me ... 
"NJ, your antennae are showing" ;)) 
However, with age comes some hearing loss so I'm not so good at picking up conversations any more but this conversation next door ... it sounded like they were in bed with us. I couldn't help but hear. 

Well you know what's coming right? ... yup, conversation mutes for a short while and then all of a sudden there is a loud, squealing, moaning, incoherent babbling from the woman and rumbling encouragement from the male. It went on and on ... yes, there was definitely hot hotel sex going on next door. Then there is a loud rhythmic slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap' sound.

Frank sits up again ... "What the ?!?! ... is he spanking her?" 

Me ... "nooooo, I think they're just going at it hot and heavy" 

Frank ... "I don't know ... sounds like a spanking to me"

Honest to god ... this went on for quite a long time. Frank seemed to be getting quite annoyed, threatening to go bang on the door. Me, I was giggling ... and to be quite honest, kinda turned on. I'd never heard anything like it ... in real life that is. At one point I slid down the bed and under the covers to take Frank's temperature ... apparently he wasn't quite as annoyed as he made out to be :>)) 

She finally got there (at one point I said to Frank ... "and we think I take a long time!"). Quiet murmuring ensued. I moved further over on the bed closer to the door. .... I know, I know, I'm shameless! Five or so minutes go by and OMG! ... they're at it again! 

All in all they were at it for ~30 minutes. Later I asked Frank "I wasn't that noisy last night, was I?" ... Frank replied "well, not that noisy, but yeah, noisy" ... gah!! Hotel sex might never be the same! When we left the next morning, a 'do not disturb' was hanging on their door. 

Sorry, Rosie and Harry ... beware ... the Harry's Sound Check only works from the hallway ... not from the room next door :>))

Now fast forward to a couple mornings ago ... Frank and I finally had a day where there was time for a leisurely morning in bed. After a delicious round one, Frank decided he wanted one more go. A couple minutes in and all of a sudden ... "slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap" ... Frank's enthusiasm is resulting in the same sound we'd heard that night. I caught Frank's eye and that was it ... I was done for! .... I started laughing and couldn't stop! ... omg! ... I'm saying "sorry, Babe, I can't help it" when Frank collapsed on top of me and I realized he was laughing just as hard.

Who thought so much could be told about a little two night weekend. Trust me, life is never boring in the Cawder household.

Thanks for dropping by :>)) .... nj

Friday, 15 June 2018

Little Reminders ...

I was getting ready for work this morning (I work at an art gallery a couple of days a month). I put my clothes out, noticed Frank hadn't put out any daily lingerie so grabbbed a pair of undies, added them to the clothing hanging on the closet door and jumped in the shower. As I finished and was shutting off the shower, Frank came into the bathroom. 

... "I didn't put those out for you" 

... "you didn't put anything out so I grabbed a pair"

I heard a drawer open and close and he left. I dried off and got out of the shower. I now see there are no panties with my clothes. Ahhahhh ... okay, I get the message. I guess I am going commando today ... wearing black jeggings and my silky peach T. 

I head off to work. Frank gives me a kiss and a bum pat ...

"... see ... no panty lines" 

Sometimes it's those little things that remind us whose in charge .... 

Thanks for dropping by :>) ... nj

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Weekend Report #1

Our weekend away was lovely but waaay too short. I do, however, have at least a couple of stories to tell ...

I am a bit of an absent minded professor, constantly losing belongings and forgetting time ... it's an irritant that drives my slightly OCDish, very organized, always early for everything, hubby, up the wall. 

I wear glasses for distance so I usually take them off when I read, sit at the computer, or eat and then often forget where I've put them. There has been many a delayed departure from the house or a having to return to a restaurant, because I can't find or have left my my glasses behind. Hence, if I don't put them in 'their spot' when I take them off, its now a spankable 'offence' ;)) 

On Friday AM, we were on the ferry, sitting in the lounge, when I noticed my Coffee to Go thermos sitting on the floor. I muttered something about not forgetting it and hauled it up into my lap. Not long after, as we approached our destination, the call to return to our cars came over the PA system. We got back to the car ... check, my cup is in hand. I go to put it in my knapsack, which, when we travel, I carry  for our iPads, charge cords, misc items ... and my purse. Suddenly I panic because I can't find my purse. I look at Frank ... "I think I left my purse upstairs" and in return I got 'the look' ... and a low voiced ... "Well, you better run" ... 

I flew out of the car, sprinted up the stairs (long steep stairs) and rounded the corner just in time to see the kind man who had been sitting in front of us, point to the cafeteria worker who had my purse in hand .... whew!! ... relief! I'm sure you have an idea of just how complicated it would have been if we'd been a mile or so down the road before I realized it was missing. Ferries don't wait in dock ... it's unload, reload and depart, repeat. I get back to the car, a bit sheepish because, yup, like my glasses, this is not my first purse losing/leaving rodeo. Frank just shook his head and I thought to myself ... "I think there may be a penalty to pay for this one" ...

I was not wrong. We arrived at the hotel late afternoon. On the drive there, we were joking about using Rosie's 'Harry's Sound Check' from her Rosie's Are Red blog, when we got to the hotel. 

We'd unpacked and settled in for a glass of wine. I had just piled into Frank's lap when he sent me out into the hall for said sound check ... I waited, heard nothing and went back and reported that back to Frank. He was still seated in a chair by the bed. He made a turn around motion and pointed to the bed. 

"Pants down and bend over the bed" (per his morning directions I was sans underwear)

I bent over, dropped my jeans and bared my bum. Frank gave me a couple of sharp smacks ... it felt and sounded like a crop spank ... very stingy but not too loud. "What are you doing!?" I yelped. I was informed it was a new technique ... spanking, or more like slapping, with the back of his hand (let's call it the 'Slappy Backhander' ;>)). 

I was soon hopping from one foot to another. I also got a bit of a verbal reminder that my forgetfulness could have significantly impacted our vacation. Then I got bum rubs and hugs and promises of more fun to come (we had a impending dinner date with a friend so there was no time for an early start to our festivities).

I am sorry to report it was the one and only spanky episode of our mini vacation. When I later expressed my sadness re no more spankings,  Frank divulged, like many HoH's, he was not comfortable spanking in the hotel despite the sound check thumbs up. He promised to make up for it when we got home. As it turned out it was a good decision .... I'll tell you more about that in an upcoming post. 

Thanks for dropping by! ... nj

Friday, 8 June 2018

Amy and Eric's Meme

How Does He" Meme (Or "She", if that's your thing!)

Amy and Eric put together a little 'meme' a few weeks back. I've had it in my drafts and have been poking along at it here and there. I've now finished with it so have scheduled it to fly to Blogland as we head off on our mini vacation Friday morning.

I will preface this with a bit of an explanation, for those who don't know .... we are very new to ttwd/DD (4 months) and new to 'just spanking', in and of itself. However we are not new to D/s in the bedroom, where what we would call 'impact play', (including spankings of various types), has been very much a part of our dynamic for many years. 

1.  How does he let you know a spanking is coming?

Ha! ... I often affectionately refer to Frank as Mr Lingerie for a very good reason. Just about everything that has to do with my behind or other parts starts with a directive as to what, out of my extensive lingerie collection, he wants me to wear, whether it's for a short and sweet JFF morning spank to a heavy in bedroom D/s session. For just spanking, he likes his target framed so I know one is coming when I get a lingerie order ... he might say ...  'put on what I've laid out' or request a specific type of 'spanking underwear' or asks for one of his favourites ... a garter belt and stockings, preferably seamed (along with a grin and a directive to 'remember to get those seams straight or else' :>)).

2.  How does he choose an implement?

Implement!? ... what implement?! For straight up spanking we have not progressed to an implement using stage as yet (except for maybe one or two instances). However in our D/s world, we have used a crop and a flogger for a long time. In those circumstances, he chooses to use them how and when he wants to. I, as his submissive, have no choice in the matter. I do, however, love his hands, and his hand technique has changed from the beginning of our ttwd journey ... harder, firmer, more self assured.

3.  How does he lecture?

Frank is not usually a man of many words so there hasn't been any type of lecturing accompanying our spanking activity, be it for fun or the very few more serious situations that have arisen. It would seem odd to me if he did as I don't think I've ever heard him 'lecture' ... me, our kids, grandkids or anyone else. He does have a few 2-3 word phrases he will use from time to time ... 'smarten up' or 'settle down' for example. For a spanking where a line has been crossed or a rule broken, he will ask me if I know the reason for the spanking and I will be informed if say I don't know. Although, if you read my blog regularly, you will know the one recent spontaneous corrective spanking, had some very succinct wording to go along with it. That felt very real and very Frank. He is, however, a master of sexy, dirty talk. In the midst of seriously sexy stuff, he has lots to say, none of which I will ever repeat here.

4.  How does he position you?

Frank's favourite spanking position is OTL ... with him sitting up in bed ... preferably with a pillow covering his hard muscular legs, but I don't always get that choice. His second favourite position is 'doggie style', bum up, head and shoulders down (gahhh! ... I still hate that position description). It can be straddling him, facing away or sideways on the bed while he stands. If it's a non spanking time out (there are no corners per se, in our bedroom) or he just wants to admire the view (lingerie clad view), he'll tell me to stand facing the wall unit in our bedroom, back to him. Occasionally, there's been a bend over the bathroom counter event.

5.  How does he spank you?

Hand spanking ... varying strengths and tempos but I have to say, he's getting better (yeouch!) at the hard hand spanking. All spankings turn him on, so it's rare that a spanking doesn't end with further bedroom delights. Spankings don't always turn me on (yes, I hang my head in Spanko shame ;>)) however the submission of the spanking often does and if not, he has several ways and means to bring me along with him. 

6.  How does he take care of you afterwards?

Hugs, cuddles, kisses and caresses usually followed by great sex! However, since most of our sexual activity these days happens in the morning, the aftercare is all too darn short because all too soon it's time to get up (there is something to be said about long, dark winter mornings - chickens sleep in too :>)).

7. How often does he spank you?

For awhile it was daily. However, now that spring is here and other daily routines are demanding our attention, it's whenever there is time. Just about every time we have sex it's now preceded by, or includes, a spanking activity of some type. 

Whew! ... first Blogland 'meme' ever, is done ... 

Thanks for dropping by ... have a great weekend! ... nj ... xx