Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Eyes On Me ...

Aroused from the touching, tugging and stroking that happens during our morning ritual, he instructs me to straddle him ... 

A large pillow behind me, between my calves and my thighs, raises me up so I am in his sight ... all of me in his sight. He reaches back and pulls out the favoured vibrator, placing the flat head on my pubic bone ... 

... "Hold it" 

I wrap both hands around it - not daring to turn it on ... waiting for the next instruction ...

He reaches out a forefinger, pushing down on my chin ... 

... "Open your mouth .... and leave it open ... don't close it or I will spank you" ... he warns softly ...

My mouth gapes ... it is a favoured instruction of his ... one that always leaves me feeling awkward and vulnerable ...

He reaches out and turns the vibrator to full, my hips jerking up to meet the pulsations. I close my eyes and throw my head back in response ...

... "Eyes on me, Babygirl ... open your eyes"

I want to keep them closed, so as to revel in the sensations racing through me, but I open them, looking straight into his grey/green eyes ... 

... "Do not close your eyes ... if you close your eyes, I will spank you hard ... look at me ... look right at me"

..."and do .. not .. come"

Why is it those three little words, amp up the need, my need to do what I am told I can't, all the while having to keep mouth and eyes open ... 

My internal muscles, from the floor of my pelvis up, clench at the nothing that is there, driving me higher, while my mind tries to tamp it all down ...

... I need to wait ... I need to wait ... I need to wait ... but I can't ... so I beg ...

... "Please, please, please, please, Sir, may I come" 

It's what he's been waiting for ... the timing just right, as he sends me over the edge with his words ... 

"Come for me, Baby" ...

.... and I do ... 

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  1. Wow, NJ! I can see how this works for you both, with Frank in total control and your submission eventually leading to heightened pleasure. What I don’t know is how you hold off - once I’ve got to the edge I’m gone and nothing can stop it! If I’m almost there and it stops for some reason that’s it, I can’t get it back.
    All I can say is - what a great start to the day!
    Rosie xx

    1. Thanks, Rosie ... I can't hold it very long ... Frank has a pretty good idea of what my limits are :>) ... and I do love our mornings :>) ... nj ... xx

  2. Wowza NJ, that is seriously hot stuff! What a way to start the day!


    1. It's a great way to start the day, Roz ... mornings are some of our best times :>) ... hugs ... nj

  3. This is really a sexy way to start the day. I find edging and then trying your best not to just let an orgasm happen exciting, but sometimes I do fail...

    Rebel xox

    1. Hi Rebel ... I think it's the mindset that Frank has some type of control that gives me the biggest buzz and yes, it's a great way to start the day :>) ... nj ... xx

  4. NJ, I think I like the mind control the best. Also the threat of a spanking would turn me on like no tomorrow. Like just thinking about it has me feeling a tug down there.

    I like the new direction you are taking with your blog, my friend. If we didn't evolve then things become a comfortable stagnation.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. You are right about the mind control ... and I just knew the spanking threats would cause someone a tug or two :>))

      I so appreciate your support, Ella ... evolving isn't always easy and although Frank and I are very much in sync with the directions we are going in personally, the blogging side is still a bit of a challenge for me ... nj ... xx

  5. This is really hot. I love when I am made to look at HL as it really adds something. Like you, I want to close my eyes and get lost in the feelings but being made to look at him heightens his control so much that I am taken in a different direction, relinquishing mine. What a brilliant start to the day. missy xx

    1. Hi Missy ... Frank loves to 'watch me' ... in more ways than one ... lol! ... when he has me look at him, it's not only a control thing, it's also because he says he enjoys watching the changes that come over my face and eyes ... glad you enjoyed the post! ... nj ... xx

  6. Replies
    1. Sometime it one word says it all :>)) ... thanks, Baker! ... nj ... xx

  7. mmmmmmmmm now that was nice to read this morning.... very nice!
    well done nj :)